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Ayub was born in Mozambique in the 60s, though his parents moved the family to India in the mid 70s to flee the war-torn country. Ayub completed his early education in India before travelling to Europe, living and working in Portugal for eight years and then moving to London.
Ayub’s travels have made him fluent in seven languages, reflecting his immersion in and ties to the many cultures which have become a part of him and reflect through the eye of his lens.

With a background in Science and IT, Ayub explores the intricacies of technical photography but his passion remains in the Natural world and Science communication.

An ex Biology teacher and a keen Science communicator Ayub loves to share his knowledge and passion about Nature and Wildlife to students in various schools and colleges across the UK and abroad.

Ayub has built a Tropical Science garden in the back of his house where he breeds and rears many of the beautiful exotic animals displayed in his photography gallery and he also uses them to motivate and inspire children and adults in schools.

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Northala Fields parkrun

Guestbook for AminArt
Sir Marcus Setchell(non-registered)
The photographs of The Tribute to Professor Gordon Hamilton Fairley (40 years on) are absolutely stunning, capturing the mood of celebration, and triumph over tragedy so well.
You make everyone look photogenic, but captured as very natural and un-posed.
Thank you got adding to the Archive to remember a great man against a background of the beautiful Great Hall of Bart's
Sarah Hamilton-Fairley(non-registered)
I can't thank you enough - I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed... first in my work for UK Sepsis Trust and then again on a personal, family project. What I love about your brilliant photography is how you manage to get underneath the surface - capturing the core essence - whether it be a person, animal or landscape. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious and your generosity unquestionable. Thank you so much and I greatly look forward to working together in the very near future. Sarah
Professor Adam Hart(non-registered)
Ayub is an inspiring photographer - inspiring because he captures insects as they are, not as we would want them to be. His shots are technically brilliant, yes, but for me the real pleasure is that they are about the subject. Insects are presented as living, interesting and glorious animals rather than as "objects" to demonstrate skill with a macro lens. It's a rare skill.
you're such an amazing phtographer.
Can never get tired of admiring your work.
It reveals a very sensitive side of you.
Each things you photograph is unique and breathtaking, either is it is a child, a water drop, a flower or a landscape.
Congratulations for your amazing work.
Ron Daniels(non-registered)
As CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust, I have been privileged to know and to work with you, Ayub, over the last year.

Expecting nothing from us, you have dedicated your efforts and expertise to our cause. We have been incredibly lucky to benefit from your stunning imagery, your creativity and your imagination. Even more importantly, we have benefited from your friendship and your sense of duty and of fun.

From all at the UK Sepsis Trust, an enormous thank you.