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Ayub was born in Mozambique in the 60s, though his parents moved the family to India in the mid 70s to flee the war-torn country. Ayub completed his early education in India before travelling to Europe, living in Portugal for eight years then moving to London, where he now lives with his Singaporean wife and their two children.

Ayub’s travels have made him fluent in seven languages, reflecting his immersion in and ties to the many cultures which have become a part of him and reflect through his photography.

It was in India that he discovered photography as an art and he became immediately hooked on the ability to freeze a moment, capture an expression, record history for posterity and explore macro photography with its unique ability to bring to vision what often cannot be seen with the naked eye.

With a background in Science and IT, Ayub explores the intricacies of technical photography but his passion remains in the Natural world. His images reflect the diversity of fields he photographs, from travels in Africa, to the beauty in Nature and the timeless beauty of a human expression -- bringing to view what often lies beneath the simple look of the eyes or a gesture.

Ayub has combined his other passion, sports, with his love for photography. He is a Black Belt in Karate and a long distance runner, with the half-marathon as his preferred distance. A teacher as well as an eager student, Ayub loves to pass on his knowledge by helping others explore the beauty of the art of photography. He runs workshops in the UK as well as abroad and is also involved with local schools and organisations linked with wildlife and preservation of Nature, helping educate about the importance of insects and Nature in our ecosystem.

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Guestbook for AminArt
A group of four of us attended Amins tropical house as keen photographers. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. Not only does Amin know his subject matter, he is also a very good photographer himself.
A really good afternoon, unhurried and helpfull, with loads of photo opportunities.
Gets 5 stars from me.
Thanks Amin, will see you again Im sure.....
22.Rod Ward Able(non-registered)
Ayub the morning spent with you taught me a number of very valuable lessons about how to take better photographs. Teaching me that a simple thing like Exposure Compensation, for example, has helped me to brighten up images that would have looked dull before.
Thank you very much for passing on so much of your knowledge, I'll be back for more!
Rod Ward Able
21.Ron Daniels(non-registered)
As CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust, I have been privileged to know and to work with you, Ayub, over the last year.

Expecting nothing from us, you have dedicated your efforts and expertise to our cause. We have been incredibly lucky to benefit from your stunning imagery, your creativity and your imagination. Even more importantly, we have benefited from your friendship and your sense of duty and of fun.

From all at the UK Sepsis Trust, an enormous thank you.

20.Dan Beckett(non-registered)
Ayub, your photographs are stunning. You manage to capture emotions with perfect timing. The photographs of #cycleforsepsis and the parliamentary reception are perfect, and it was a real pleasure to meet you. Thanks!
19.Terence Canning(non-registered)
Thanks for giving up your time to come along and support the UK Sepsis Trust last week (September 4th). Your pictures capture the day beautifully and your photograph of my niece sophie (the 'angel') is just stunning.
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